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Triumph Repair/Wipers on 1973 Spitfire


Hello...I am a newer Spitfire owner. My wipers stopped working and I can not get them to move now. Not sure what part I need to purchase. As a side note, my horn is no longer working either...and I am completely unsure if the two run off the same power system. Sorry for my simple questions:)

Hi Jason,

First thing to check is the fuses. The fuse that has the purple wires is for the horn and you need to test both sides of the fuse clips with a test light. The clips that hold the fuses are noted for coroding and not making contact even with a good fuse in it.

The same for the fuse clips with all the Green wires on it which powers the wiper motor.

If the clips are powered on both sides let me know and I will write out the test sequence one at a time. If one side is not powered even with a good fuse, remove the fuses and scrape the clips with a sharp knife or sand paper.


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