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Triumph Repair/Takeing overdrive gear knob off Triumph Spitfire 1500


  Im changeing carpets on spitfire and the last thing ihave to do is take off overdrive gear knob . What needs to be turned so i can take it off and how ? !!!!  with out me damageing it
         Thanks Paul

ANSWER: Hi Paul,

You need to clear something up for me. The "Overdrive" lever is on the steering colume.

But sinse you said you are removing carpet, do you mean the transmission shift lever knob? It is just threaded on to the shift lever like a large nut. Some came with a lock nut just under the knob so if yours has a lock nut you have to first loosen it, then you can unscrew the knob. If the knob is tight you can wrap a piece of heavy cardboard around the knob and use a large pair of channel lock pliers to unscrew the knob. That is how the Triumph factory knob was mounted. I did run across an aftermarket accessary wood knob once that also screwed on but it had a small hole in the base of the knob with a set screw in it, to act like a lock so the knob didn't loosen. But they all screwed on to the shift lever like a large nut.


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Howard yes the transmission shift lever- looking down inside the knob with the switch cover off thats the lock nut inside is it ? the nut turns anti clock wise i take it ? And could You suggest a tool to undo it its very tight to get to!          


So your overdrive switch was in the top of the gearshift knob? I don't remember seeing one like that could be the fault of my memory as it has been many years since I worked in the dealerships. All the Overdrive controls I've seen were on the steering column. Does your shift lever have a hole through the center with a wire going through it?
look at the botom part of the knob to see if there is a chrome part with two flat sides. If there is that is a lock nut and can be loosened first. Or if not, the nut you see down inside may be the lock nut and a deepwell thin wall socket may be needed to loosen it.


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