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Hi there, if I'm not describing this properly, my apologies. The part on the passenger lower A arm on my 75 Spitfire that connects to the antisway bar has failed. As a result the antisway bar is not connected to anything on this side. I seem to be able to find a replacement for the A arm, is it best to just replace the whole lower A arm or is this a repairable component? If I do replace the lower A arm is this something I can do myself, I have decent amount of mechanical knowledge and (I think) the appropriate tools. Thanks in advance.

Hi James,

It depends on what broke on the suspension as to what should be replaced. Many times broken parts can be welded but on a suspension it is much better to just replace the broken part.

If it is just the triangle piece on the lower "A" arm that has broken off then most any good welding shop could fabricate a new piece and weld it to the old one so that the sway bar link can be bolted back on. If however the lower "A" arm itself is broken I would replace the lower "A" arm.

You can remove the lower "A" arm with just a floor jack, stands and a standard hand tools. Since the suspension will be taken apart it would be a good idea the get a bushing kit or the individual bushings to have a new front suspension. After rebuilding the front suspension you will need to take the car to a front end shop for a front end alignment. If you don't replace the bushings it may not be necessary if it is aligned ok now.

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