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Triumph Repair/TR3 no current reading at ignition wire at solenoid


Howard, Hi again, your input has always been appreciated. I am working on a no start on a 1960 TR3. Solenoid turns the starter when press on the back of solenoid with no spark at the coil. If I bypass both the ignition switch and push starter button to the coil I can get spark. Is the ignition switch wire to the solenoid supposed to be hot from the battery to the switch through the solenoid? Where does the power come from to make the ignition switch hot? This is a positive earth car. Thanks, Gabe.

Hi Gabriel,

The ignition switch supplies power to the start push button. Then the push button supplies the power to the small pin connection on the solenoid and that "Trigger" connection activates the starter solenoid to connect the starter motor to the battery. Thus the starter spins the engine.

None of that has anything to do with ignition. When the ignition switch is in the "ON" position it not only supplies power to the push button but it also supplies power to the fuse box and on to the ignition coil.

I often found that as the cars aged and have been passed from one person to another, many of them change the wiring and some get it all mixed up.

The power to the ignition switch comes from the Ammeter by way of the "A1" terminal on the regulator.

You need a wiring diagram to check to see if someone has re-wired part of the system. If you done't have a diagram let me know and I will post one on my web site for you. let me know.


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