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Triumph Repair/Crossbar hand brake assembly TR7 5speed


QUESTION: This is the piece that connects to the end of the handbrake cable then goes inside the rear drum brake and goes across to the self-adjuster.  I am trying to find out if this crossbar assembly is supposed to hinge/pivot freely where the two pieces of the bar are connected.  The car I am restoring has been sitting for 20 years and the piece does not currently hinge in the middle.  Not sure if this is because of corrosion or supposed to be solid.  So trying to understand if I need to be putting the effort into freeing it up.


The "L" shaped lever that goes through the rubber boot is connected to the cross bar that goes to the opposite shoe and that is all there is there and they are not attached to anything. Only the shoes hold the pieces in place.

Lay your pieces out on a sheet of paper or such and take a photo of them and send it to me if you can't see how it is fitted.


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QUESTION: Hi Howard,

Yes, we are talking about the same L shaped lever. Where 1 end connectes to the parking brake cable outside of the backing plate and the other end goes across to the shoe.  This L shaped piece is made up of two pieces with a connecting pin holding the two pieces together.  What I don't know is if this L shaped piece is supposed to operate as a "rigid" L shape.  Or, is the L shape supposed to freely move at the middle connection point. I will try and send a picture this evening.

ps: Thank you very much for responding!  This appears to be a very cool resource.

When you pull on the hand brake you pull the "L" lever and it pivots on the pin that connects it to the lateral rod and the end pries the one shoe against the drum. The pivot pin than applies pressure on the lateral rod and it pushes on the other shoe. The only thing that holds all of that in place is the two shoes as they are not mounted on anything except the two shoes.


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