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I bought a bottle of water-soluble fertilizer which is in powdery form. I tried to dissolve it in water as per instruction on it. But the powder is not completely dissolving in water. Residues are left in the bottom of the mixing container. Will it create any concentration variation due to improper mixing? because I am afraid of burning the plants. Is there any method to completely dissolve it? Can I use hot water? And whether applying on foliage is more efficient or in to the soil? Waiting to hear from you soon

Shafreej,,,I have never encountered a soluble that didn't completely dissolve once properly mixed, but the answer to your question is...the proper nutrients will not be obtained unless all of the mixture is dissolved; as far as "burning" the plants roots,,,its possible if too much mixture is mixed with too little water, but it would need to be extreme, so if some of the mixture isn't mixing, then it would be a little weaker then it should be and would pose no problem. Applying to the foliage is only effective when the foliage has been wet for several hours, ie: the morning dew or after a rainstorm,,,this way the Stomata (pores) are open and will take in the mixture through to the plants system. I hope this was helpful...Nick  

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