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I am in Michigan.  I keep my Schefflera (20 years old) and Dracaena outdoors during the summer.  This year I waited a day too long to bring them in.  They both got frost damage.  Their leaves are brown and droopy.  The stems of the Schefflera are still green and healthy.  The stems of the Dracaena seem to be okay.  How should I prune them or should I just leave them alone?
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Hi Maureen,,,prune off all the damaged leaves and bring it in,,,then just keep it misted and the soil watered when "almost dry",,,it is important to know that in its present "stressed" state,,too much water will compromise the roots, which may be functioning at a much lower level right now. As long as the roots and main stem are not damaged, it should regenerate new leaves eventually, Dracaena and Schefflera are both resilient plants, so this is good. Nick

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