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QUESTION: Hi i have bought a king palm and planted it about 9 months ago and i put viteman b on it when planted everything i should have done ect. About a month after planted it seemed to be dying on me well now we are in winter months and where i live it gets about 20 digrees at night now (winter nights) well now all the leaves are brown and crispy?  What to do? Will it live or?

ANSWER: If it is as stressed as you say,,,,20 degrees will definitely do it in,,,(if it isn't already dead)...tug on the center frond,,,if it detaches then the heart is dead. If it stays intact,,then it really should be put in a container (you didnt mention its size) if possible and moved inside until Spring,,when temps go up.

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QUESTION: Its about 6u feet tall and its out side planted in the back yard all our queen palms are doing well so just tug on the middle and if it come off its dead?  And if it doesnt?

If it does come out it is dead,,,but if it doesn't, it has a chance,,(albeit slim, by what you have described)...dig it up and put it in a large planter and move it inside out of the "20 degrees" which is lethal to a yearling Palm (any kind)...the Queens are established, so they can handle it. Once inside,,,keep the soil on the damp side, but not wet and spray the crown with a "palm nutritional spray" (Home Depot carries it in concentrate). then just hope and pray,,,all you can do at this point.

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