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newly potted cuttings
newly potted cuttings  

This was my sisters plant who has passed. please advised! after searching pic's on the web i hope I have the right name. Some how i haven't figured out how to water this. If i do the leaves turn brown and drop off. it grew really spindly so I cut all the tops to try and re root in potting starter mix.the stem is very woody so I cut the stems off at the point that they still looked a little green and not woody hoping that roots would shoot. The leaves starting perking up. They have been potted about a week so far. I am still watering the base that I cut all the bushy parts off in hopes i may still get some shoots

Hi Ketchrin, it looks to be a Dracaena and you did the right thing by cutting the tops off and sticking them in the soil, that is how you propagate this species. keep the soil damp, not wet and new roots will form from the cuttings. The mother plant should send out new growth also, from where you cut the tops.I would repot the mother with new soil though and line the bottom of the pot with some type of drainage medium, pebbles small rocks etc. Dracaena likes a humid environment so spray the leaves occasional to simulate  this. Nick  

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