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My Foxtail Palms are drooping and the shoots for new fronds are not extending completely from the trunk.  Overall, they look unhealthy.
I recently fertilized (approximately 2 weeks ago) with around the waterline.  Also, what is the life expectancy of these trees?

What makes for the best hedge that will grow 5 to 6 feet in height?  I currently have Ixora's planted along my driveway and they never look healthy.  What would keep them green and lush?

Hi Edwina, you didn't mention what climate zone you are in, but it sounds like it could possibly be frost or freeze damage; if not then it is a nutrient problem, and if so, the recent fertilizing should get them back on track. Palms do well for over 10 years in some varieties and longer in others. A good hedge line would be Viburnum, albeit Ixora is a pretty easy plant to grow if given sufficient fertilizing and watering.

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