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My question is, why do the leaves on my Mexican Petunias become very thin and curl up tightly? I have many that do well. These in question are planted against a fence adjacent to a yard with huge Pines and Oaks. Could it be that these trees are stealing the nutrients from my soil or are the Petunias possibly diseased? I have a few random Mexican Petunias in groups in other locations  that are also curled and sickly, yet the others are flourishing. Please help!
Annette (Gainesville, Fl)

Hi Annette, Mexican Petunias tend to become leggy after time and need to be pruned back on a regular basis or they begin to get spindly and leggy and the leaves begin to turn yellow and shed; without seeing yours, its hard to tell whether this may be your problem. They are very resilient and I think if you give them a good pruning and give them a weekly dose of soluble Miracle-grow bloom booster, they should do fine.

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