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I've had two aloe vera plants that have always done very well. Recently I had to move them from the room they were in due to our cats.

I moved them to another room, much warmer but I think they may have had direct sunlight.

Many of their leaves turned a soft brown colour which from what I have read may be sun burn. I moved them to another warm room but one that does not get direct sunlight and put them on the windowsil.

They have continued to worsen. Their leaves are almost all brown and are no longer thick and firm, instead their edges have started to curl inwards and while they don't look shrivelled exactly, they are certainly withered from what they used to look like.

I have read a lot of conflicting things - some say I've overwatered, others underwatered, some people tell me they are beyond help others say they will bounce back and the brown will go away.

I am worried to try anything in case I make it worse. Please can someone advise me?

Thank you so much


Hi An, sorry for all the conflicting advice.....I would cut off any that are completely brown and place them in a location where they are getting indirect light; they don't require much water, and too much will assuredly cause the damage you cite (you didn't allude to the irrigation they are receiving).  Aloe is very easy to grow, I have it all over my property here in Florida and have to periodically cull it out so the babies have room to spread, they are very prolific. Make sure you have them in a container with good drainage so the roots are not sitting in moisture. To sum it up,,,cut away any dead growth and hopefully new babies will emerge from below the parent plants.  

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