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Good moring Mr McCann !
I planted a persimmon and pear on April 15-13- so far the pear seems doing well - she has new buds and leaves but the persimmon leaf turned yellow and dropped one after one !
I have clay soil in my yard- so before planting I mixed the soil with potting soil without fertilizer - mulch  3 inches around the tree trunk like a donut hole- water one in the other day- and checked the ground before water to make sure not over water- someday i skiped because under the mulch layer still moisture/ soil is soft not dry  ! -
I called nursery she told me feeding the tree with some more potting soil and fertilize then water thr - I did that last week -but the leaves still turn yellow on the way down

Please tell me - what i need to do more to keep the tree healthy

Jalyn - in Houston - Texas / Zone 8B

Hi Jalyn, yellowing and leaf drop after planting is a primary symptom of "transplant shock"...even if all the leaves drop off you should still get growth from the terminal end , beginning with very small leaves and as it adjusts it will level off and before you know it you will have new growth; that said, you need to be very careful now, for it is stressed and if the roots are indeed wet, more watering will just make matters worse. If after the leaf drop you see the terminal end beginning to whither then you will need to lift it and  after getting the excess moisture off its roots and out of the hole. then replant and cross your fingers that it isn't too stressed. Nick

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