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Split Kink Palm Trunk
Split Kink Palm Trunk  
I have a King Palm planted in my garden. I think I may have over watered during the summer. It has 3 trunks but one has stopped growing leaves and the trunk has split like 5 inches wide. It's almost like it tried to grow too many leaves at once and the top got clogged up. Over the last six months it has been planted in well fertilized dirt and watered 4 - 5 times a week. Have you ever heard of this? Will the trunk survive and start to grow leaves again? What do I need to do if anything?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi Elliott,,,,I have to say, that this is unusual, at least I have never witnessed anything quite like it,,,albeit my Palms have showed times where the sheaths were reluctant to shed and I had to assist them by slitting them and pulling them away so the newer fronds weren't cramped. I would let it be for now, and hopefully the sheath (area covering the new fronds that has split) will eventually fall away and the new fronds can develop; it doesn't look diseased or afflicted in any way with a fungal or insect problem. Kings need more water then most Palms, so your watering schedule is spot on, but hopefully the soil you planted it in has a sandy mix to it. Take a wait and see and if the sheath begins to turn brownish,,,that will be a good sign, but it is unusual. Check with your local Extension Service and talk with the Agent there or Master Gardners. Nick

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