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passion flower leaf
passion flower leaf  
rangoon creeper leaves
rangoon creeper leaves  
QUESTION: am from zone 10A i had bought double flowering rangoon creeper from a local nursery the plant was growing in cocopeat and it receives afternoon sun earlier the plant was growing well and it was blooming now not only it has stopped blooming but the leaves are turning yellow first i thought it was due to under watering so i increased the water yet they are turning yellow i had seen few new growth but that also stopped from growing and i noticed that some of the new leaves also had turned yellow now i am confused whether i am under watering or over watering and i have a red passion flower growing in red soil it receives afternoon sun as well and i water it regularly i have noticed that the edges of its leaves have turned brown what could be the reason as soon as i stop watering it the leaves starts curling kindly help me for the same at the earliest

ANSWER: All indications from your statement and pictures is root rot from sitting in too much moisture; I would cut back on the watering and even prune it way back and move it to a new location where drainage is better. I have a creeper and a Passion Flower here in Florida, and it requires almost no attention from me; they are quite durable and mine is quite content with what Mother Nature provides it both during the rainy season and dry season. The only time I have to attend them is to keep them under control with a good pruning. Nick

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QUESTION: but the problem is whenever i try to skip watering the leaves become droopy and if its root rotting then why am getting new growth on my passion flower currently the humidity is 69% and temperature currently during the day is 30 to 32 degree C. earlier i thought i must be overwatering my rangoon creeper but as soon as i skip for a day or two the leaves start yellowing all the more and drainage is not an issue i have to fertilize my red passion flower if i don't it doesn't flower at all

......if they were mine, I would definitely prune them back and lift them , then plant them in a large container until they showed improvement; the roots are definitely stressed and are not functioning properly, hence the yellowing of the crown. If you decide to follow my advice, use a good grade potting mix in the container and make certain the container is large enough to handle the root system and has sufficient drainage. Hopefully the roots are not damaged beyond repair.

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