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We just had a storm and one of my 15' tall queen palms is leaning heavily.  I braced it with a pole so it doesn't fall but I noticed, the roots did not lift.  It looks like about 30% have broke just above the dirt level.  Is this tree able to be saved?

Hi Mike, Queens are pretty resilient but I don't like hearing that 30 percent of the roots were severed (I am assuming during the attempt at righting the palm); there isn't much you can do when a large Queen gets altered due to wind pressure, without the help of a BobCat or other heavier equipment , now you are faced with either hiring someone to right it correctly and hoping the damage to the roots don't cause further decline or taking the Palm out. Queens are not considered valuable Palms,,,they are pretty cheap so you have to weigh the fact that it may not survive anyway and the cost of attempting to save it is outweighed by the cost of a new one, that cost could be comparable, making a new one a much better option. Nick

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