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Tropical Plants/Soil for repotting a Madargascar palm


I have a Madagascar palm tree that is about 7 years old. It is still in the original pot as when purchased.

I'm pretty sure that it needs repotting since the roots are visible on the top of the soil.

The soil looks to be somewhat grainy, containing small gravel. What kind of soil do I need to use to repot it?

Hi Thomas, Mine is in the ground down here in Southwest Florida and is doing great in our "sandy" soil base; in a container I would recommend you use a soil made for a Cactus, (any of the Box stores carry different brands). Madagascar Palms need very little water so when you do repot it, water it and then let it be until the drainage holes are dry, then care for it as you would any of the Cacti family. Careful when you do to repot it and it may be a good idea to put a pole in with it (attached) like you would a Tomato plant, until it sets its roots,,,the soil is very light and may not hold it in place without this help. Good Luck and watch those spines....Nick  

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