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Hi Nick
One more follow up.   I really feel that this problem is from too much rain and it sits in a clay soil that doesn't drain well.  I have 2 side by side and one plant looks OK. Wonder what your thoughts are about this from my photo.
Thanks for your help.
Deb Schwab

Answer could be dead right, I have a hard time grasping that because here in Southwest Florida we have a sandy soil that dries almost instantly after a rain; but if it is clay, it does indeed hold water and that leaf (as I said) showed root compromise, which could be the roots beginning to show root rot from sitting in wetness, and even though BOP's love water,,the same as Bananas,,,when initially planted, they are susceptible to root rot until they establish themselves and this can be Months. We have had a very wet past 3 Months and they may have been overwhelmed by it. Judge accordingly Deb and weigh my input while making your rectification...good luck! and follow up as much as you want!

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