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Tropical Plants/honeyworts(blue shrimp plant)


hi, i got a blue shrimp plant seeds, whenever i plant the they germinate perfectly, but when they sprout their stem becomes too long that they cant hold themselves, so they bend and die instantly, please i got last 2 seeds help me take care of them and know what to do to them and how to take care of them so they stay alive perfectly.

yousef, you didn't mention how you are germinating them, but it sounds like they are stretching for light and overextending; as soon as a seed germinates it should be moved to where it can get direct light, not heat!....but it needs light so, to repeat, germinate in a darker area and then move it into the light while keeping the soil damp but not wet, eventually it can be moved outside (depending on the season, of course), where it can get unfiltered Sunlight.  

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