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Is there ANY way to get my 60 queen palms to stop producing huge stalks of dates?  My dogs eat them and then either throw them up or poop them out and it is ruining my carpets!  When the trees were shorter we could use our pole saw and but them off but now everything is too tall and we can't reach the dead fronds or date stalks.  Queens are beautiful but need constant maintenance!
Thanks for any suggestions!!

Hi Karen, The Queen Palm sets an inflorescence, which subsequently matures into a seed pod which then scatters across your lawn; this is a natural process of proliferation and cannot be stopped. I have 5 20 foot specimens which I am able to trim with an   extendible pole saw that telescopes out to 24 feet and easily cuts the seed pod before it can sprout into a flower and seed stage. This is your only alternative , without having them removed or paying to have them trimmed once a year. Nick  

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