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new growth, last year
new growth, last year  

same plant
same plant  
Hi, I have a 4 year old hibiscus plant that I really love.  I have wintered it in the house the last 3 years and each time it comes in all the leaves turn yellow and fall off.  Last year I cured of a bad case of spider mites.  Because it looked so bad last year, in March I cut it back to about 6 inches above the soil in hopes that it would sprout new leaves and it did.
Now I would like to know how to prevent it from loosing it's leaves when it is brought into the house.  I place it where it gets the morning winter sun (only place to really put it) and then just natural day light the rest of the day.
I live outside Owen Sound Ontario in zone 5 and we get some pretty nasty cold snowy winters.

hibiscus are very tempermental when it comes to change, be it too much water or too little or a change in light conditions also; your Hibiscus is just adjusting to its new environment when it loses its leaves, so don't be too concerned, but do keep a close eye on spider mites or any other insect that may be afflicting it. I recommend changing out the potting mix several times a year also, for fertilizer salt builds up in it and can change the PH of the soil in a detrimental way. Keep it in the Sunniest window you have and mist the leaves several times a day to keep its surroundings as humid as possible. Nick

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