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Concerned about 15 year old bird of paradise breaking through pool wall. Bird shares space with spa that adjoins pool.  Pool resurface man suggested bird be removed or it will cause damage.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Karen, I will tell you what type of root system BOP's form and develop , but without actually being there to ascertain the possibility of damage, will leave it to your judgement , based on this info; the root system is similar to that of a Banana, they form a large "potato" type rhizome, which the individual stalks grow out of, and as it gets older the Rhizome swells and gets larger and larger and could press on and eventually crack your spa. Again, dependant on how close it is and if it is actually pressing on any underground piping or even the wall of the spa can only be judged by you, dig down right next to the spa, and if you indeed hit the rhizome then it may be prudent to remove it, but if the shovel shows dirt only, then you may be able to enjoy it for a few more years before having to remove it. If you feel you need to remove it, then you can break the rhizome up piecemeal and plant several parts of it in other locations, depending on how large the rhizome is; you only need to picture a potato when it falls out of the bag and you discover it Months later with plants growing out of the eyes of it to get an idea how the BOP grows. if you cut that potato and plant sections of it with plants attached, the individual pieces of the potato will begin to swell and grow more plants. with the BOP you need a rectangular shovel to jam down into the rhizome to section it and dig each part up for replanting. hope this helps, and good luck!.....Nick

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