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QUESTION: How can i prevent new growth on my bouganvillia tree at the
ground level.From the soil up to approx. 12 inches.

Thank u

ANSWER: Hi Donald, first of all, I want you to know that I never rec'd your question until just now, sometimes the questions never make it through; The Boug is an aggressive grower and the only thing you can do is stay after it with aggressive pruning, keeping in mind that the down side is by pruning it you will diminish its bract formation , thereby reducing the color that they are known for. The Boug benefits from stress, the more it is watered, the less the color, they like to be thirsty. Nick

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QUESTION: Can i cover the bottom 12 inches  of the bouganvillia like they do on citrus groves to protect
them from suckers. I only live in fla for 7 months.When i get back to fla
in Oct there is a lot of growth on the bottom 12 inches of the bouganvillia.s

It wouldn't accomplish anything except possibly the decline of the plant, the point where the roots meet the trunk should never be covered; this is why they tell you that when you buy a bush , be careful that you plant it at the same level as it was in the container. Bougs are aggressive growers and therefore not a good plant for Snow Birds, for they will be in need of server pruning upon the return of said birds.

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