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The tree looks healthy, no discolored fronds. We were trimming it and discovered rotten like areas in the pineapple section and at the base. Just comes off in your hand.
Also what look like aphids.
We live in southwest Florida, it is rainy season, but it is planted on a hill so water doesn't collect around it.
What do we do?

Hi Angie, I also live in Southwest Florida and can attest to the deluge of rain we have received in the last couple of weeks; this will cause areas on Palms and other plantings to collect more water then can dry off and the result is what you are seeing, The insects you see are probably just taking advantage of the moisture damaged area and not causing any damage themselves, they are probably ants. Carefully clear away any damaged tissue without digging into the healthy underlying tissue and then let nature take its course, we have a drying period in place now with low rain chances, and always remember that the crown is where you should always look for problems, and its seems yours is still fine. Fertilize your Palm three times a year with about a pound of a well balanced Palm fertilizer and it wouldn't hurt to spray a "Palm nutritional spray" (Home Depot) into the crown when you fertilize. I just got notified of this email from you , as I didn't receive it, this has happened before where I don't get the questions and the site has to resubmit it after a period of time passes without an answer from the expert, and for that I apologize...Nick

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