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brandi plant
brandi plant  
Hi Nick,

I've had this plant for several years and was surprised when it produced an obelisk-ish shoot from the center of the plant.  Do you know what this plant is?

thank you,

Hi Sue, I am not certain of the cultivar, but it is a Century Plant,,,,or Agave...and I think its "Agave Mateo" but again,,,not sure. it is going to flower, once the center spike reaches its required height,,,anywhere between 6 feet and 30 feet (depending on the cultivar), sorry I cant give you more info on it, but if you google Agave or Century Plant you will see all the different varities and at least you know what to expect, one more thing, it will die when it finishes blooming, but hopefully there will be a sucker or two at the base to carry on the species. Nick

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