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Tropical Plants/Rangoon creeper leaves are turning yellow .


It is September and two months ago I planted a Rangoon creeper and now it is not growing from the top and its leaves are also turning yellow and falling down.And should i put it in full sun? what should I do?  

And in which month I should sow aster,coreiopsis and cosmos seeds? I have not grow these seeds before.        

I will be very thankful , if you give sometime for reply me.

Rangoon Creeper needs full Sun, the leaf drop could be from a variety of reasons, but from what you have told me, it does indeed need to be moved into full Sun, otherwise they are very self sufficient, and do not need much attention. You didn't indicate what Season you are in now in India, but those annuals you mentioned are usually sowed in  Spring, although you can sow them anytime of the year in a geographical area where there is no chance of a frost or freeze, but I would sow them in containers, if you sow them during the Summer, so you can move the container into a shadier area during the hottest part of the day.  

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