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QUESTION: My ponytail palm was blown over by the wins, and I discovered that it was potbound.  I repotted it in a container only slightly larger, as suggested.  Then I decided to tear off all the leaves with brown tips.  Unfortunately, I took off too many to hold up the ones that were still green.  Now they're all splayed out and lying against the sides of the bulb.  Can I do anything to help them, or did I just kill my poor plant? ;-(

ANSWER: It would be great to see an image, but by what you describe it sounds bad,,,the ones that are splayed, are they still attached? and if so,,,leave them be,,and hopefully new ones will emerge eventually, as long as the splayed ones are still functioning enough to continue assisting in photosynthesis..Nick

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Ponytail Plant Problem
Ponytail Plant Problem  
QUESTION: Thanks so much for the very prompt response!  Here's a picture.  I gathered all of the remaining leaves together, gently holding them with with a small Velcro strip and lying on one side of the bulb.  Do you think that will help, or should I just leave them loosely lying around the bulb?

Put a tomato stake or anything you can stake them up with and Velcro them vertically so the fronds don't crimp and cut off any ability to take in moisture to the plants inner system. I think it will make it, for they are still attached and should function until more emerge. keep me apprised,,,what you don't want to see is those existing fronds turning yellow and then brown, for then it will truly be a sign of demise. Nick

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