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Good morning !
I live in HOuston - texas zone 9b- in the past 4 years - I have planted some tropical fruits trees- Apple / Asian Pear / Plum ( Santa Rose ) Nectarine ( Snow Queen ) and Fuyu persimmon ! all look fine  ! ( not so good due to either heat or too much rain )  - This year is the 2nd year for Nectarine and Persimmon and both of them have brands under union bud - I removed all but the persimmon branch all died on the top ( dried inside branches ) - and the nectarine has only  1 little branch just above the union bud seems healthy ! ( above that branch died too ) - Here are my questions :
1/ Should I replant another Nectarine since It looks so small in 2 years and only  one branch left !
2 / I just bought 2 more persimmons (  Fuyu and Jiro )- Should I plant them in one big hole  with the distance between about 2 feet or less for cross pollination ? the information that I read from some articles that Jiro Fuyu easy to plant in zone 9  but not produce much fruits compare to the others Fuyu ! Plus I don't have any more space ! What are you  suggestion on soil ? should I mix the soil with some little sand  since persimmon loves lightly sandy soil ?
Thanks for your advise _ Have a safe holiday weekend !

Hi Jalyn,,sorry about the delay...I was out of town for a week and forgot to put myself on vacation mode; from what I gathered from your question it looks like they are declining from root stress,,,either over watering or planted to deep...(even an inch deeper then the container they came out of would cause a slow decline).Don't plant the persimmons that close,,,they need their own space to set out roots. Don't enhance the soil either, trees of any kind need to adjust to the soil they are planted in or they will develop unnatural root growth and after an initial boost from the soil enhancement will begin to grow in a circular pattern and the crown will begin to decline to a slow death...we call it tough lover in the horticultural world..good luck...Nick

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