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Truck Repair/coolant temp sensor loation on 444e


is would be on a navistar v -8 i think its the front of motor towards the middle but not 100 percent sure thanks tom .Also to anwer the person on grinding issues in drive train I know buy setting airbag ride height to 11 inches usually will give you an awsome ride.on a semi and no vibrations.

I'm not familiar with this engine but I googled it according to what I've found there is two sensors one is for the gauge and one for the idiot light. one is located in the cylinder head passenger side and one is located by the water pump. Which is which sorry cant help you there. guessing since this is a v-8 its in a pickup and i'm not all that familiar with pickups. As for the ride height your right between 10.5 and 11 is normally pretty good but I've found with some day cabs that's two low. Had some internationals all come in set at about 12.5. called the dealer they said they should be set at 10 so I did that and each one trickeled back in with the u-joints chattering. Put them all back to where they were and good to go. Most road trucks though are good at 10.5-11.

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I Can answer any question pertaining to semi trucks and trailers. Have no experience in the automotive field so not able to help in that area.


My experiences in Semi Trucks is. I own my own truck and i presntly maintain a 80 truck fleet. Can handle any questions pertaining to a truck have tore apart and rebuilt every aspect on them. Fleet I deal with is Mainly Volvo trucks and a handful of freightliners. Work on automated transmissions on a daily basis along with carrier apu's. With engines my specialty is the 60 series Detroit but do work on the cummins isx the n-14 and the ism. and also the Volvo engines.

Have a College Degree from university of northwestern ohio in diesel and agriculture mechanics. Have 10 years behind the wheel driving a truck and 4 years working on trucks full time. Also have grown up on a farm so have been tinkering on trucks and tractors all my life.

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