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QUESTION: I had my cummins accessory drive seal , bearings replaced 2 weeks ago but after completion , I noticed the truck making a growling / grinding like noise ( sound like a cover or something rubbing )especially after start up then it levels out but if I hit a bump in the rd it does it again . 2 weeks later Im going down the rd at about 46 mph the truck just shut off . The mechanic that worked on the acc. drive said the engine is gone . Could this be true ? Could it be from the work he done before ? Thanks

ANSWER: I would say he has done something. Have you tried to turn it over after it quit on you? if it turns over then your good might be some expensive repairs depending on whats happened but it's not a expensive paper weight if it turns over. The first thing I would do is take it to another mechanic and have them look at it. You don't want this guy to say it's not what he fixed. Sounds like he didn't get everything put together right might have been rubbing the cover which put a lot of shavings in your engine just guessing without looking at it. So take my view as a guess. Take it to someone besides him and have it checked out. Keep in mind for next time a little more expensive but you can buy the accessory drive as a assembly from cummins. That way you pop the old one out and put the new one in saves on tearing the unit apart.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the quick reply . Imreally thinking its something he may have deone myself . I tried turning it over by key and nothing happens , just a bump like sound , I even replaced the batteries and still nothing , so Im gonna take it else where have them drop the oil pan and check the manes etc , and take a look at the acc area

yeah if you've tried turning it over and it won't turn then its locked up. I wouldn't mention nothing about your previous work done let these mechanics find the cause and tell you that way they are not trying to point a finger towards this guy and you can get a honest yes this is what caused your problem. I highly suspect it will come down to the accessory drive not being installed properly.

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