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Truck Repair/2000 8.3l cummins bad idle


Kerry wrote at 2011-02-09 20:04:22
You most likely won't believe me but I had the same problem and

After changing out my cruise control module (switches) the problem

Totally went away.

I have a 2001 T300 Kenworth with 8.3L CAPS

Bacbat wrote at 2013-02-10 04:45:46
My t300 HAD the exact same problem. Drove me nuts.

I replaced a 7000$ injection pump in hopes, no luck.

I started playing with sensor wires and on my second try I found the problem.

FUEL PRESSURE SENSOR WIRES, on top of the injection pump,

All I did was giggle them a bit right at the sensor, my truck went crazy and then settled right down.

I moved the wire harness and relaxed all the stressed wires at that area.

It has run excellent ever since.

I ordered a new sensor off eBay for $70.00 as cummins wants 330$, bunch of theifs!!! Funny they have 8 of them in stock too.

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I have worked on Cummins engines since 1989.I am ASE certified Master Med & HD Truck Mechanic.

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