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What is the right Torque Specification of the cylinder head bolt,main bearing,connecting rod bearing,rocker arm and jake brake bolts in Ft.Lbs?of the M11-350E Engine?

Cyl head is 160 ft lbs plus 90 degrees.Rod bolts are 155 ft lbs.Rocker shafts are 135 ft lbs for steel & 90 ft lbs for aluminum.Jake bolts are 60 ft lbs.Mains have changed to a torque plus angle too.
I had to look up the main bearing torque.It depends on the engine serial # after 35011095 it is 70 ftlbs then 100 ft lbs then 180 degrees.Prior to eng # 35011095 it is 70 lbs then 120 degrees.Check the bolts for part number 3328742.If they are part # 3027493 THEN REPLACE THEM & torque to new spec.The number should be on the head of the bolt.If not,the bolt has a raised part above the threads & the new bolt has more threads up the bolt.

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I have worked on Cummins engines since 1989.I am ASE certified Master Med & HD Truck Mechanic.

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