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Bid Bad Bill wrote at 2014-03-26 03:38:34
There is a lot of misunderstanding around this and the FMCSA has provided some guidance on this.  I short, they say that a party has a right to see document that are pertinant to them.

"The regulation gives all parties to your brokered transactions the right to review the records of

transactions that involve them. Therefore, you must allow shippers and motor carriers involved in

your brokered transactions to review records pertinent to them."  PAGE 13

If the broker is paying on percentage then what is billed is pertinent.  If it is a flat rate then was is billed isn't.

OOIDA's information is interesting because they focus on the areas that getting the rate the broker charges is applicable but also include a paragraph about getting your fair share.

It could be argued that they are saying that if the broker is paying you 80% of the rate and shorts you then you are not getting your fair share.  But the are just throwing out red meat to their supporters and helping promote a popular myth.

But in the end, unless you are a party to the transaction, you have no right to see the documents.


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