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I'm new in the dump trucking world but id like to know what type of jobs/ and or work should i look for and whats the most common or steady? I have a 12 wheeler.

Hi ya ken.So I can tell you what most guys would do with the set up you have,here in B.C Canada,but as far as in Wisconsin...I'm not sure if it would be the same so for what its worth. Out here in B.C we get a lot of snow.8 months a year a lot of trucks are busy with snow removal unless they an get a contract at a dam site or large construction site removing earth mostly.Gravel,for concrete factories is also a big one but you need to have a cover that can be removed easy for the top of the load to keep the gravel dry ect. Most trucks have a set up that works automatic with the flick of a switch and is relatively easy to install.I hope this helps you some what Ken.thanx


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