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I signed on with CRST on 9/2011 for a 8 month contract(via school)which ended in 5/2012 according to my records, but CRST's was 4/2012. Anyway, after I left CRST I started working for another trucking company and they said that CRST cleared me of any contract, I stayed with that company for a couple of month's then resigned. I then started to work for another trucking company, which they too said I was clear of any contract with CRST, and stayed with them for a few months. That ended and I stayed unemployed for about a year, then got a job as a Yard Jockey, all of a sudden CRST comes back in to the picture saying that I owe them, cause I didn't fulfill my contract. They said they sent (2) letters one in June and the other in July of 2012, which I did not receive. And just recently told me that it has been sent to collections, CRST gave me the number to the agency which I called and they have no record of me (name,social,address,etc.), but yet CRST still claims I owe them money. I have missed one week + day's of work because of this. I offered to pay Collections at CRST, but they said it has been turned over to collections.. I called the number CRST gave me and they have no record of name,account, etc. So now 1-1/2 weeks later I'm not allowed to work because CRST claims to still own me, but is not doing anything to resolve the situation. PLS HELP

Do you have the CRST contract that you mentioned regarding the specific dates ?

Have you contacted CRST directly to challenge this issue ?   This should be done by phone AND certified mail.

If you disagree and have some factual evidence ( like the contract I mentioned) , you need to dispute this entry onto your credit history.  Contact one of the three Credit Bureaus ( Transunion, Equifax and Trans Union.  And find out exactly what is on your credit history.  You may be able to get it for free if you claim their is improper info.

Your statement about offering to pay them has me puzzled.  If you don't owe them money, why would you pay ?  And I don't know of ANY collections agency in the world who would not take your money.  

You need to do some legwork to get the FACTS on what has happened and what is going on before you go any further.  


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