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QUESTION: How would one go about getting a job with the DOT? Ive instructed for a bit with a wellknown motorcoach company and also operated their vehicles.What other careers within the industry can one transfer over to that are rewarding ? Just looking for new  hallenges as after a bit operating a vehicle is well quite easy.Entertaining but easy.Thanks any info would be greatly appreciated

ANSWER: Alvin;

This varies by state. In Pa , the DOT Enforcement is run by the State Police.  They do employ non-sworn officers to do roadside enforcement.  They do not carry a gun but do have authority to stop and inspect comm. Trucks and write citations.  They always go out with a uniformed trooper though.  Their are other instructional positions available from time to time that fall under the non-sworn side of the house.

We also have our own Public Utilities Commission who has an almost identical type of non-sworn officer dosing enforcement.  Neither requires any specific background BUT it does help to have some knowledge in this area.

I can't speak for other states.

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QUESTION: How does one find those jobs ? Is there some kind of website or? Also are  or something? I am originally from the east coast area

Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer
Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer Trainee
Motor Carrier Enforcement Program Administrator
Motor Carrier Enforcement Specialist
Motor Carrier Enforcement Supervisor

The above  listed jobs come from the Civilian Employment Page of the PA  State Police.   Go to and you can search for these jobs along with many other jobs posted by the Commonwealth of PA.

Gaining civilian employment with the Pennsylvania State Police is different from gaining employment with a private organization/company.  Job titles are designated either Non-Civil Service or Civil Service.  This designation determines the applicable placement procedures for a given job title.

Non-Civil Service Positions with the Pennsylvania State Police include a variety of opportunities such as clerical, maintenance, police communications operators (dispatchers), motor carrier enforcement officers, automotive and helicopter mechanics, and intelligence analysts.

The hiring process for Non-Civil Service positions requires interested applicants to apply on-line to the Governor's Office of Administration, Bureau of State Employment.  The Bureau of State Employment will determine an applicant’s qualifications for positions and will maintain the information to await a suitable vacancy for which they may be referred.  Available Non-Civil Service positions with the Pennsylvania State Police are filled by interviewing applicants referred by the Bureau of State Employment.  Individuals may apply for Non-Civil Service employment at  Individuals who do not have access to the Internet should visit their local library or call 1-866-858-2753 to locate the nearest PA CareerLink Office.  

Civil Service Positions with the Pennsylvania State Police include job titles in the fields of information technology, forensic scientist, chemistry technician, human resource analyst, budget analyst, telecommunications specialist, and radio telecommunications specialist.

The hiring process for Civil Service positions requires applicants who meet the minimum experience and training of the position to submit a Civil Service application to the State Civil Service Commission for evaluation by either written testing, oral testing, and/or by the rating of experience and training.  Applicants who have been successfully tested/evaluated are provided to the Pennsylvania State Police for interview in filling vacant Civil Service positions.  Information on open examinations for Civil Service job titles and application procedures may be obtained from the State Civil Service Commission.   

Further information regarding a rewarding career as a civilian employee with the Pennsylvania State Police may be requested at:

The Pennsylvania State Police is an equal opportunity employer.


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