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QUESTION: Where can I fine  list of federal regulated cargo? I am told I need a MC number if I haul any of them. I have a US DOT number. I haul farm tractors and wrecked cars mostly. Thanks for any help.  Kirt

ANSWER:  I would like to know a few things before I answer your question.

Are you being paid to haul these items ?

Are you hauling the wrecked cars from the accident scene or afterwards ?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes, I am paid and the cars are hauled from an ins. yard to buyers. Thanks

It's regulated.

Your DOT number is your authority to act as a motor carrier but only to haul your own stuff.   Walmart does not have an MC number because  they are not for hire.  They  only haul their own stuff.  If you are a for hire carrier ( and you are) , you need a MC number.   The list of non- regulated items isn't long and what you are hauling is not exempt.

To be operating as a for hire carrier without MC authority is an OOS violation , it will also no doubt push your insurance rates higher as you are exposed to more risk.   

Hope this helps.


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