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Hello Mr. Bowers,
    Im interested in Leasing a truck to a trucking company. Im not interested in hiring a driver and getting loads. I heard i can lease the truck through a leasing company and receive a decent income stream in the process. Please help me getting as much knowledge as i can on starting before making this commitment. I also wanted to know the pros and cons of strictly leasing my truck to a company? What is the best kind of truck to buy? Average pay per week I would get? Leasing companies you feel are good to deal with? Average length of time a typical leasing period will be? Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Derrick.  Are you planning to drive for the company as an Owner Operator?
Or just lease the truck and the company supplies the driver and loads?
If you plan to drive, look into the industry association for guidance.
If you just want to buy a truck and then lease it to a company you are competing with major banks, financial institutions and other big boys like Penske and Ryder.  I would contact an attorney for advice if this is your plan.
Hope this helps.  Jim


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