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Hi my name is kenneth and i am currently going to trucking school to try to obtain my cdl question is what is the best way to study for or memorization techniques to help pass my permit is gonna be 3 parts..general knowledge, air brakes and combination vehicles..thank you

Hi Ken;

 Your state should have a CDL Drivers Study Book or Guide.    PA has one and I think they did a good job.  It is separated by the different class of license , air brakes , cargo securement etc.  Each chapter also has specific questions at the end of the chapter that you need to be able to answer if you hope to pass your test at the DMV.    There are practice tests available on line at places like and    There are others.

This will get you past the written test.   These sites also reference the pre trip inspection which will require you to have a truck to practice on.  You can't do this from the book alone.  And you need to practice this a lot.   Same with the in cab air brake test.    You will need to know what controls you must identify and operate as well as the sequence of working the air brakes.  Again......practice, practice and practice some more.

As of 12-31-15 they are changing the practical testing.  You will have to now identify under hood components, determine if some of them are belt or gear driven and also partially crawl under the truck / trailer to point to major components.

The PA book is available on line if your state doesn't have one or if you want to see another states book.  These guides are pretty much identical from state to state.  



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