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Trucking/Funding for start-up trucking company w/ Bad credit!


Tim wrote at 2013-09-16 23:31:51
Hi Wade. My name is Tim.  My partner also starting up an trucking company and are running into the same problems as you are.  We have a great idea and pay plan for owner operators.  All we need is that kick start as well. Our pay plan will potentially make a driver over 180000 a year bring home money.  We also will have area managers as well. What if we could help you grow from 5 to 30 trucks and you won't have to invest more to buy those trucks. Just Imagine how fast our company will grow with drivers possibly making those type of numbers.   Maybe we could talk and see if we could work together and solve these problems.  If their are more of you out their who are trying to start up a trucking company and would like to join our team and learn what our program is about and how we can all come together and compete with the big companies. We are looking for owner operators and small trucking companies looking to expand.  If you are god fearing and believe we all can make a difference then lets come together and change the world.


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If you need advice on truck and trailer purchasing, DOT regulations, start up costs, I can help. I also can help new drivers pick a company thats best fits them, what to look for in a company and what to expect if your new to truck driving. If your starting a business, what commodities to haul, working with Brokers and more.


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