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Kenson wrote at 2008-04-29 03:17:00
I believe I know the truck your talking about, is it essentially a cement truck (oshkosh, etc.) with a box on the back? There would be a crows nest for the controls, a slow speed belt that delivers the material to a high speed belt which shoots it, correct? You might want to try subcontracting with a gravel pit or aggregate transportation company that doesn't currently have access to them. Offer a mutually beneficial percentage rate in return for a contract and i'm sure the steady work load will make up for the small loss. I work for a company that has 3 of those trucks and at least one goes out for the entire duration of the day 10-12 hours. Heavily advertise that you save money by not having to move the load twice, you can shoot it to the final destination instead of the truck dumping and then moving it later.

Cathy wrote at 2013-04-16 07:12:56
Dear Jim,

We are TEC Belting Company (China) who specialized in producing rubber products, they are V-Belt, Conveyor belt, Transmission belt, Automotive Timing Belt, Industrial Timing Belt, Raw Edge Cogged V-Belt and Ribbed Belt etc.. Through years of efforts, we have received lots of good feedbacks and gained huge market shares. Our products are up to date with high quality control and competitive prices.

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