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Trumpet/Holton T602 Serial Number 939264


Joe wrote at 2014-01-08 10:46:00
The Holton T-602 is an extremely well designed trumpet that has continued in it's current design for 40+ years.  There was a time in the past when Holton outsourced its production to the Yamaha company of Japan. Those horns are marked as (T-602) R or RC, which indicate their build in the R.epublic of C.hina . The latest examples of this model initially added the letter P to indicate the  addition of a first valve slide, later dropping the P but retaining the 1st valve saddle slide.  With the additional slide its value to the student increased and although not marketed as an intermediate, it is all that the average student will require until and often through their high school years.  The Holton name is not as recognized as many of the brands such as King which is owned by the same corporation and offers the same basic horn under a different name...yet has a higher resale value.  In very good to excellent condition, with a well done spread on eBay, it is possible to get as much as $200  for the horn.  However, around $100.00 IS the common average expectation. as  


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