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Joe Heasley wrote at 2010-12-12 07:47:17
Actually, The Chas. E George model was the top of the line model of the Vega Co.s 'Standard.  Standard was also the company that they had merged with in the early 1900's. The SB1 indicates that this is a small bore (sb)and small belled (1).  Very popular in the days of early jazz, its a soloist's or 'club' horn that has great penetration albeit rather directional. This style of horn was called peashooter in it's day, and your horn was one of the finest.  As a side-note, the company never made less than pro brass horns, but their true staying power/interest was in Banjo making as well as lutes, mandolins and guitars.  Their horns have slipped into history a bit, but their banjos can fetch many thousands.

Joe Heasley wrote at 2012-01-20 18:02:39
That is definitely not anything BUT the Vega Charles George model as the person asking the question stated.  In fact, these were the top of the line models by a company putting out pro quality horns in Boston after buying out the Standard and Odell Companies of Boston Music.  There is a marking of the bore as indicated small SB1 and small bell.  markings goe up to L5.

Odd Ar wrote at 2013-08-29 08:50:38
The Vega trumpets are great instruments.I can tell that Miles Davis, Al Hirt and Doc Severinsen played Vega trumpets before the factory stopped producing brass instruments.


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