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chastx007 wrote at 2010-07-14 16:31:55
This is part question and, if not answer, at least corroboration.  I have just purchased via an on-line auction a trumpet with the identical engraving Martin quotes but with a smaller serial number.  Mine is 84xxx.  It too says HELEY LONDON and only says Trademark Boosey--not Hawkes.  Boosey merged with Hawkes in 1930.  Could this possibly be a pre-merger instrument?  I too searched the Internet for clues but found none.  The mystery deepens.

ChasTX007 wrote at 2010-07-16 04:30:29
The mystery is solved! I received the Boosey Trademark HELEY London 'trumpet' today and it isn't a real instrument at all.  I suspect India more than England as its point of origin.  The photos at the auction site looked good but  the 'instrument' doesn't even have REAL valves.  They are only half-length with no holes at all. I found one site warning of fake 'BESSONS' (sic) trumpets and the engraving I saw there---actually a stamp pressed into the bell--is very similar. At least the fake Bessons had full length valves! So beware.  Wish I could upload a pic.  

craig wrote at 2011-08-30 10:39:44
hi i have the same small trumpet brought from england a few years ago, on the horn it is marked 1st line trademark 2nd line boosey then 3rd line HELEY 4th line london 5th line 8 4 c 5 9 so i guess not a 1 off ??

paininthea wrote at 2012-12-27 19:58:31
there is a heley (boosey) for auction now on


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