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Joe wrote at 2014-07-26 23:34:21
Actually, in his earliest years as a horn builder, which, like Vincent Bach was a side issue until he began to maake a bit through sales to his fellow orchestra members.  Famous for his valve/slide oil but still small time with instrument making, he geared up after his minor success making instruments in Chicago and with the aid of Elkhorn, moved into a plant on their dime and began producing in earnest.  His was the largest musical instrument firm in the USA, in the first half of the 20th century.  It is true that no student horns as we consider them were built in his lifetime, yet a budget line (of pro quality horns) called Collegiates were presented to the advanced student , beginning student and frankly, professionals that hadn't the funds for the bells and whistles that separated the budget from the pro horns.

Now, that wonderful Holton #25 that you have is a professional line cornet, not a trumpet.  It is an updated version of Holton's early Holton-Clarke model cornet;still a much sort after and expensive vintage model.  Yes, that CORNET is a keeper.


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