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Trumpet/Leblanc Paris 707 sonic trumpet


Bill Storms wrote at 2014-11-23 16:10:34

I've never posted on any of these trumpet forums before.  However, I do own a Leblanc 707 Sonic that my mother bought new for me in the summer of 1966 when she determined I was going to continue playing in JR and SR high school. The serial # on the horn is 14181. I have the original sales receipt from the local music store but that doesn't help date the horn.  All I can say for sure is it was not made after 1966.  It may have been made earlier than 1966 and sat in the store for some time.  

I wish to add I still play the horn.  The lacquer is mostly gone and the valves could use a little work as they are not as responsive as they once were but all in all it is still an attractive horn with a good sound and for me a long history.

Ron wrote at 2015-03-03 16:03:47
I have a 707 sonic medium bore # 12161 which I purchased new in late 1963. So probably manufactured in 1962-1963. A beautiful horn in all respects. Imported from Paris France.  I've learned they manufactured them in batches of 33 thus the odd numbers on the valves themselves.  Mine are 1,2,3, but I have seen 14,15,16,etc..  Each valve was made for each individual horn.  Curiously rare horns these days.



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