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king tempo trumpet
king tempo trumpet  

king tempo trumpet
king tempo trumpet  
i have a king tempo trumpet 558644 ,my parents bought when i started band about 37 yrs ago , its in good shape i think, it does have two small dents right before the valves but hardley no tarnish at all ,, i was wondering how much its worth now and how would i find people interested in buying it ? thank you so much..

Jeannine, I can't see any details from the pictures since they are so small. But in good shape the horn is worth around $200. Unless you have had it cleaned recently, you should have that done before you sell it. The best place to sell and get exposure would be Ebay. I would put good pictures of it and start it around $80 and let it go from there. I would be interested in it but need to see much better pictures than a cellphone picture. You could send them to me at if you are interested in that option.


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