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Trumpet/My trumpet won't make a sound!


The other day, I was playing my trumpet and I set it down for a second in my lap while I was looking up some sheet music. Then, when I tried to play it, it would not make a sound. I've tried everything. All of my valves are in the right place and it seems to be clear of anything blocking the airways. I cannot think of anything that would have caused it to just stop while i was still holding it. Also, the mouthpiece is stuck. It has been stuck longer than the instrument has been broken, but could that have anything to  do with it? I know you are not an expert on repairs, but do you have any ideas as to what it is? Thanks. By the way, it is alright if you don't know because we have a great music and repair shop in town.

Definitely take it to the repair shop. It's possible that something was stuck inside and got dislodged. Sometimes small creatures crawl inside... and you don't want to know any more. Let the shop take care of it.

Also could be a bad water key cork, a piece might have fallen out.


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