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I have recently re-inherited a Buescher Bb Trumpet model no. 282369.
My Father played it, I played it, and my Nephew played then became a wall fixture. I have the original bill of sale dated 25 April, 1938.
All parts move but needs refinishing.
What might be the value and cost of restoration?

Much appreciate your expertise.


What you've given me is the serial number. The model number, if present, is a three-digit number at the bottom of the second-valve casing.

Sounds like it's pretty beat up. Value is not terribly high. If it's a 400 (Model 225, or very rarely a Model 224), then it might be worth $200 to $400, depending on condition. Other models, slightly less, except for the Model 240 "Custom Built", which could sell for more than a 400.

In general, restoration will start at $850 in clear lacquer and go up if it's silver plated. Since this horn is well played, you might need a valve refitting, which adds $450 to the cost.

After restoration? Value would increase to perhaps $500.

As a purely economic question, almost no trumpet is worth a full restoration. There are so many good examples available. Buescher isn't as well known, but as you know, it's a good brand and you have a good horn. Since it's an heirloom piece, the cost of restoration is less a matter of "is it worth it?" but more "can I afford it?"

There are less expensive alternatives, too. Cleaning the horn, removing the dents, and replacing corks, felts, and springs would be $100 to $200. If it's a silver-plated horn and the silver is not worn through in too many places, that might be an alternative worth considering.

Hope this helps you decide what to do.


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