Gold Bell emboss
Gold Bell emboss  

Branding Valve
Branding Valve  
I have a Buescher Aristocrat custom built ELKHART-IND-USA trumpet. Built approx 1932.
The instrument is in excellent condition and plays like a dream. stamped at the bottom of valve 2 is PAT.OCT. 29.07 then under that the numbers 283478 then under that 235. On the other side it has a True tone triangular branding The trumpet is silver with ornate gold embossing on the bell. The only sign of wear is on the back of the first valve where it is held.
Can you offer a valuation?

Your Buescher Model 235 "Custom Built" medium-bore trumpet was made in 1937.  The pictures you've included imply that the horn is in good condition.

Buescher trumpets are a niche market. They're relatively rare and not well known, though they are becoming more well known. An ebay auction of this horn with a lot of good pictures and an original case and mouthpiece might net $200 to $300... or it might not.

If you want to sell it, you won't get rich, but it's a good horn that will make the right person very happy.


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I can answer your questions about Buescher trumpets and cornets. I have been playing Buescher for 35 years and collecting for 7.


I first started playing my grandfather's Buescher 400 trumpet in 1975. Since then I have done a lot of research, including original catalogs and advertisements that I own, correspondence with other Buescher owners, and obtaining my own Buescher collection, including six trumpets and three cornets.

I am a technical writer with 15 years experience. I have also been playing trumpet since 1975 and collecting Buescher for the past 7 years.

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